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Self-driving cars are coming. Are you ready?

Self-driving cars are coming to an American roadway near you, especially if you live in California, the home to many tech companies and start-ups that have a stake in the autonomous vehicle race.

According to a report by the Financial Times, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles recently granted permits for testing autonomous vehicles to two additional companies, bringing the total up to 27. This is more than twice as many permit-holders compared to a year ago.

Would you be on shaky ground if an earthquake damaged your home?

While many outsiders and local residents enjoy time spent in California due to the consistently dreamy weather here, our state -- and Glendale specifically -- does experience extreme weather. Most extreme in the state are stretches of wildfires and seismic events.

Living in California means living with the real possibility that an earthquake could cause damage to your property. Do you know if you are covered financially in case your home sustains damage in an earthquake? Let's discuss the complicated matter of earthquake insurance a bit. 

Bicycles can be dangerous, too

Usually when we think about pedestrian accidents we think of people on foot getting hit by cars and trucks. However, pedestrian accidents can also be caused by bicyclists, which is exactly what happened in Glendale earlier this month.

According to police, a 64-year-old woman was legally crossing at Brand Boulevard and Caruso Avenue in a marked crosswalk when a bicyclist traveling southbound on Brand did not stop at a stoplight and collided into the woman.

California traffic fatalities increased dramatically in 2016

A new report was issued on U.S. highway safety this week by the National Safety Council, and it concluded that “complacency” is causing fatal car accidents to continue to rise in California.

The president and CEO of the council said that while most Americans have accepted traffic fatalities as part of life and believe that there is little that can be done to prevent them, this is entirely untrue.

How to spot signs of nursing home neglect and abuse

Many of us have parents and loved ones in nursing homes, and while most people in long term care facilities in the U.S. are treated well, elder abuse and neglect is much more common than any of us would like to believe.

It is difficult to know exactly how common nursing home abuse and neglect is, the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) says, because signs are often missed by professionals and families.

Making matters worse, nursing home residents, themselves, often do not report abuse because they are either afraid of retaliation or they lack the mental or physical ability to do so, the NCEA says.

That means it is up to family members and friends to learn how to spot signs of nursing home neglect and abuse in order to make sure that their loved ones are safe.

What are the long-term effects of brain injuries?

Brain injuries can occur as the result of many different types of accidents from a tackle in football, to a slip-and-fall, to a car collision. A brain injury can result anytime trauma occurs to the scalp, skull or head.

A brain injury can be mild, such as a minor concussion, or serious, such as a severe traumatic brain injury. The severity of the injury will depend on factors like where on the head the trauma occurred, the force involved and the type of trauma that occurred.

Why auto insurance claims are denied, and what to do next

Having your insurer deny or undervalue your claim after your car has been damaged is extremely frustrating. You have dutifully paid your insurance premiums with the belief that your insurer will be there for you in times just like these.

In most cases, the insurance company isn't trying to violate the terms of the policy. However, if the insurer thinks they can get out of paying you for your property damage, they will.

Common reasons auto insurance claims are denied include:

  • They say the type of collision that damaged your vehicle is not covered under your policy
  • They say that the person who was driving when the collision occurred is not covered under the policy
  • They say you filed an uninsured motorist claim but the other driver was, in fact, covered by insurance
  • They say your insurance coverage lapsed because you did not pay the premium before the end of the grace period
  • They say your damage is more than the policy covers, as stated on the declarations page
  • They say your car was not covered, perhaps because you got a new vehicle and did not update the policy

Before you determine if you should try to fight the insurance company on the denial, it's important to understand their reasoning for denying the claim. If you have done this and still think that they are wrong, then it would be wise to get an attorney involved.

Glendale residents want city to make safety improvements

Glendale residents and homeowners are taking road safety into their own hands. A group of concerned citizens joined together with a mission to get city officials to make several changes that they say will improve traffic safety.

The group, called Drive Safe Glendale, has put together a petition and is seeking out "hundreds if not thousands of signatures" in effort to convince city council members and candidates running for local office in April to give road safety the attention that it deserves, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Who is responsible for slip-and-fall accidents?

We have all been in a grocery store or another public place and noticed a slick floor, ice in an entry way, cluttered walkways, dark stairwells or any number of other maintenance issues that have to be avoided.

While we are able to maneuver around these areas most of the time, this is not always possible, especially when we are unaware of the dangerous conditions. As a result, California residents are injured in slip-and-fall accidents regularly.

Does homeowners insurance cover flood damage?

After six years of a drought, California is now dealing with dangerous flooding. Following a week of serious rain storms, people from many parts of the state have been evacuated from their homes, as they watch the water engulf their properties.

But who will responsible for the property damage caused by the flooding? Homeowners insurance typically covers many types of water damage, but does not include flood damage.

That means that flood insurance has to be purchased separately through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

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