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You've Been Placed In Harm's Way. Don't Stay There.

When third-party negligence yields personal injury: getting help

"You've been placed in harm's way. Don't stay there.

"We offer up that comment on our website at the Noravian Law Firm, a personal injury practice that provides diligent and impassioned legal representation on behalf of injury victims in Los Angeles and across Southern California.

What that statement centrally implies is this: Although an individual who has suffered harm is obviously facing material challenges, a proactive strategy following an injury can often go far toward promoting healing and a meaningful financial remedy.

A sad though implacable reality regarding personal injuries suffered daily by legions of Americans is that one discrete and very direct catalyst is centrally involved in their occurrence.

Namely, that is third-party negligence. In one instance, that might mean a speeding and inattentive driver who slams into a pedestrian, bicyclist or other motorist. In another case, an injury might owe directly to a defective and dangerous product manufactured by a company. Some individuals don't take reasonable safeguards to protect the general public from dangerous animals they own. And it is far from a rarity for residential and commercial property owners to be remiss when it comes to ensuring that the premises they control are reasonably safe and will not contribute to accidents such as slips and falls, swimming pool mishaps, electrical shocks and other adverse outcomes.

Money damages alone can never fully compensate for the harm suffered through injury caused by another party, of course, but they are what the law allows for, and many injury victims find that a truly meaningful post-injury award helps materially promote healing and well-being.

As a strong legal advocate for individuals and families who have suffered from the negligent acts of others, we are unequivocal on that point, having seen repeatedly just how important post-injury compensation can be.

Our website notes that, "Responsible parties must be held accountable." Through our aggressive and knowledgeable advocacy on behalf of injury victims, we strive to routinely achieve that outcome.

We welcome readers' visits to our blog, as well as your questions and feedback. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with timely and relevant information that you find truly helpful.

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