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Motor vehicle accident fatality rates

People in California and throughout the country are more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident than those in other wealthy nations. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released on July 6 found that while over a 13-year period the fatality rate for motor vehicle accidents in the United States had declined 31 percent, the average in other nations was 56 percent. The U.S. fares particularly poorly when compared with nations like Denmark and Spain that sawreductions of 63.5 percent and 75.1 percent, respectively. The United Kingdom, Sweden and Japan were among the other countries in the study.

In addition to having the slowest rate of fatal accident reduction among 19 countries, the U.S. ranked second in percentage of alcohol-related fatal motor vehicle accidents and third from the bottom in seat belt compliance. Furthermore, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities actually increased in 2015 to approximately 35,200 from 32,600 in the previous year.

Experts say that failure to use seat belts, alcohol use and speeding are all factors in the higher death rates. A number of recommendations have been put forth that may cut the accident rate. These include avoiding distractions such as cellphones and ensuring that children are properly secured with a seat belt, booster seat or car seat.

Even survivable motor vehicle accidents can be devastating for a person and their loved ones. The catastrophic injuries that may result from such an accident may take months or years to recover from, and in the meantime, the injured person may need extensive care. They might be unable to work. Insurance companies may offer compensation that only covers a small percentage of the expenses that result. Therefore, an injured person might want to have the assistance of an attorney in seeking appropriate damages from the at-fault motorist.

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