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August 2016 Archives

Wildfires blaze across California, causing extensive damage

What started as a 1,500 acre fire in San Bernardino National Park around noon on Sunday, August 7, has grown to more than 12 miles in size, ravaging everything in its path. The fast-moving inferno, fueled by dry brush and windy conditions, triggered thousands of evacuations, with 375 homes under mandatory evacuation and 5,000 homes under a voluntary evacuation advisory.

Denied Claims For Commercial Insurance "Business Interruption" Damages

Natural disasters can halt your business operations, causing you significant losses. Thankfully, business interruption insurance closes that gap so your company can stay afloat in spite of unforeseen catastrophes.

FAQ About Denied Wildfire Property Damage Claims

As the threat of droughts and rising temperatures increase each year, Southern California becomes more at-risk for wildfires. In 2016 alone, and with wildfire season just beginning, more than 100 homes have already been swallowed up by these infernos, leaving thousands of people displaced with nowhere to go. Homeowners file claims with their insurance companies only to discover their insurer has denied their claim. Here are a few probable situations where an insurance company might deny your claim and what you can do in response.

Using a cellphone while driving

Checking a phone while driving can be dangerous, and the dangers of texting and driving are fairly well-known as more than 40 states have laws that forbid the behavior. However, California residents should be aware that doing anything on the phone while operating a vehicle can lead to distraction.

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