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October 2016 Archives

Tesla Model S an interesting study of the relationship between consumer warnings and design defects,

In our last post, we began looking at Tesla Motors’ push to equip its vehicles with automatic driving technology. As we noted, though, even as the company is pushing the technology, it is facing the prospect of product liability litigation over accidents involving its Model S Autopilot feature.

Tesla Model S an interesting study of the relationship between consumer warnings and design defects

Automatic driving technology, readers have all heard, is the new, emerging trend in car manufacturing. One of the companies on the front lines of this trend is Tesla, which has begun equipping all its new cars with self-driving hardware. The development of this technology is certainly exciting given the possibilities, but there is also concern about the implications of accidents involving cars equipped with it.

Resolving Liability Disputes After Earthquakes

When it comes to earthquakes, everyone knows the damages can be catastrophic. All anyone has to do is read the news. Haiti dealt with a catastrophe a few years ago. This earthquake caused a major amount of damage and loss of life. In 2011 a series of strong earthquakes caused severe damage to the town of Prague, Oklahoma. This was part of a remarkably rapid increase in seismic activity near the town. It was a challenge to figure out why activity increased so quickly, but geologists eventually realized that human activity was to blame. Larger companies were using the land to dispose of waste. This was causing disruptions to the integrity of the land, leading to the earthquakes.

Work with experienced attorney to seek damages for death of loved one

In our last post, we began speaking about wrongful death litigation and who may bring such an action in California. In any personal injury case, compensatory damages are the primary category of damages to which plaintiff’s may be entitled. These include economic losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, and so on. It also includes noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and things of that nature.

Actor hit with wrongful death claim over girlfriend suicide

Many of our California readers have heard that actor-comedian Jim Carrey is currently in legal troubles for providing a former girlfriend prescription drugs, which is said to have resulted in her death. The death is presumed to have been a suicide, though there may still be an investigation into the matter.

Successfully Appealing A Denied Health Insurance Claim

It's one of the most frustrating situations: You receive a bill from your health care provider stating that your insurance claim was denied and you owe a significant amount of money for a procedure you believed was covered by your health insurance plan. With the bill in hand, you know you are in store for a lengthy - and exasperating - appeals process with an insurance company that knows every strategy to avoid paying.

Effectively dealing with allegations of insurance fraud: work with experienced attorney

Insurance companies are keen, in every circumstance, to minimize their losses. This is why insurance companies have very specific underwriting standards, which they are careful to follow. It is also why insurance companies are careful to monitor for potential claimant fraud. Insurance fraud can take a variety of forms, depending on the type of insurance claim.

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