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Glendale residents want city to make safety improvements

Glendale residents and homeowners are taking road safety into their own hands. A group of concerned citizens joined together with a mission to get city officials to make several changes that they say will improve traffic safety.

The group, called Drive Safe Glendale, has put together a petition and is seeking out "hundreds if not thousands of signatures" in effort to convince city council members and candidates running for local office in April to give road safety the attention that it deserves, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The petition includes suggestions such as:

  • Installing more traffic-calming measures on streets with the most accidents
  • Having more traffic checkpoints to catch law violators
  • Making additional public and school education efforts
  • Maintaining "at least 10" traffic-enforcement officers

A spokesman for the city told the LA Times that the group is overlooking many safety efforts and campaigns that have taken place in recent years and helped lower pedestrian-related traffic deaths by 45 percent last year, he said.

However, the LA Times also pointed out that the insurer Allstate put together a list ranking the 200 largest cities in the U.S. for having the best to worst drivers based on accident frequency and Glendale came in at a troublesome 194 out of 200, with a +79.4 percent relative accident likelihood compared to the national average.

Every motor vehicle accident causes an impact

There is no doubt that car accidents are common in Glendale, and for many people, these accidents cause a lot more than property damage.

As a personal injury law firm, we see how motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents can destroy families and ruin lives when victims are killed or seriously injured. In a split second, a serious accident can lead to a lifetime of medical bills, pain and suffering.

While it is easy to throw around a lot of statistics about accident rates, every number represents a life that has been impacted. We have to respect these concerned citizens for making an effort to improve safety in our city.

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