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Why auto insurance claims are denied, and what to do next

Having your insurer deny or undervalue your claim after your car has been damaged is extremely frustrating. You have dutifully paid your insurance premiums with the belief that your insurer will be there for you in times just like these.

In most cases, the insurance company isn't trying to violate the terms of the policy. However, if the insurer thinks they can get out of paying you for your property damage, they will.

Common reasons auto insurance claims are denied include:

  • They say the type of collision that damaged your vehicle is not covered under your policy
  • They say that the person who was driving when the collision occurred is not covered under the policy
  • They say you filed an uninsured motorist claim but the other driver was, in fact, covered by insurance
  • They say your insurance coverage lapsed because you did not pay the premium before the end of the grace period
  • They say your damage is more than the policy covers, as stated on the declarations page
  • They say your car was not covered, perhaps because you got a new vehicle and did not update the policy

Before you determine if you should try to fight the insurance company on the denial, it's important to understand their reasoning for denying the claim. If you have done this and still think that they are wrong, then it would be wise to get an attorney involved.

You need an advocate to take on the insurance company

Taking on the insurance company isn't exactly easy. Because insurance companies have teams of lawyers and an abundance of resources on their side, you will need an advocate on your side as well. You need someone to fight for you while you get back to your job or family.

For more than 20 years, Noravian Law Firm has been helping California residents take on insurance companies and hold them accountable. Our firm knows insurance law inside and out, and we will aggressively represent your rights.

From the negotiating table to the court room, we will have your back. While your situation may not require litigation, it is important to work with a lawyer who has extensive litigation experience, which is something the insurance companies take into consideration when negotiating.

First, we will assess your case and answer your questions

We are not here to make you any false promises or mislead you in any way. First, we will meet with you and assess your situation. We will answer your questions and address your concerns, and then we will give you our honest recommendations as to the best course of action.

You deserve to be fully compensated after your vehicle is damaged. After all, that is why you paid for auto insurance in the first place.

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