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Would you be on shaky ground if an earthquake damaged your home?

While many outsiders and local residents enjoy time spent in California due to the consistently dreamy weather here, our state -- and Glendale specifically -- does experience extreme weather. Most extreme in the state are stretches of wildfires and seismic events.

Does homeowners insurance cover flood damage?

After six years of a drought, California is now dealing with dangerous flooding. Following a week of serious rain storms, people from many parts of the state have been evacuated from their homes, as they watch the water engulf their properties.

State Farm must reduce homeowners insurance rates in California

Last month, a California judge ruled that State Farm must cut its premiums for homeowners, condo and renters insurance, but it is not known at this time if the company will have to issue refunds for property owners for alleged overpayments.

Evidence of industry standards in strict liability litigation: looking at a pending case, P.1

We mentioned in our last post that product liability cases based on the legal theory of strict liability do not require a showing of negligence, but only that there was an unreasonably dangerous defect which resulted in injuries, with no significant changes having been made to the product and the product having been used in the ordinary way.

Successfully Appealing A Denied Health Insurance Claim

It's one of the most frustrating situations: You receive a bill from your health care provider stating that your insurance claim was denied and you owe a significant amount of money for a procedure you believed was covered by your health insurance plan. With the bill in hand, you know you are in store for a lengthy - and exasperating - appeals process with an insurance company that knows every strategy to avoid paying.

Effectively dealing with allegations of insurance fraud: work with experienced attorney

Insurance companies are keen, in every circumstance, to minimize their losses. This is why insurance companies have very specific underwriting standards, which they are careful to follow. It is also why insurance companies are careful to monitor for potential claimant fraud. Insurance fraud can take a variety of forms, depending on the type of insurance claim.

What are my rights for nonrenewal, cancellation of homeowners’ insurance policy in CA?

Previously, we began looking at growing but apparently still manageable problem of homeowners’ policy termination due to the risk of wildfire here in California. As we said last time, insurance companies are within their rights to assess their risk and make strategic decisions about who they will cover and who they won’t, but it is important to understand that policyholders also have rights when it comes to nonrenewal and cancellation.

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